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Arc Pulse

World's most revolutionary phone case.

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No more compromise.

Groundbreaking design. Seamless experience. Extraordinary protection.

Arc Pulse.

Dual-Layer Protection.

Distribute force, absorb shock. Tightly integrated.

Slide-on pressure fit.

Easy to attach. Securely holds on your phone.

Essentialist design.

Feel your phone like its meant to be.

Protection from every angle.

Front. Back. Sides.

Our aerospace grade metals provide unrivalled shock distribution. The shock is then absorbed by our incredible shock absorption elastomer. Top-tier anti-scratch coatings ensure superior longevity.

Works like magic. Keeps your phone safe.

Light as a feather.
Light as a feather.

Less than 10% of the iPhone weight.

Compatible & customizable.
Compatible & customizable.

Titanium Silver and Gold or Aluminum Black.

Unrivalled heat dissipation.
Unrivalled heat dissipation.

Better performance for longer.

Zero 5G interference.
Zero 5G interference.

Free antennas, fast connection.

Experience your phone like it is meant to be.

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I love it! It's a perfect fit with my style. Love that it protects my phone without covering much of it.


I absolutely love my Arc Pulse and can't imagine ever using another case. The level of drop protection it provides is mind-blowing.


'Great product! Does exactly what it says: gives you your iPhone back, while protecting it. Coolest & best iPhone case ever'. 


Arc Sapphire

The ultimate companion for Arc Pulse. Pure gemstone at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to scratches today.

Arc Collection

Our sustainability commitments

Arc Pulse presents a unique, minimalist option for users that have previously not used a phone case. Every broken phone prevented contributes to protecting our environment & reducing emissions.

We do not apply difficult to recycle glue between our metal shell and elastomer inlay. Instead, Arc Pulse features a unique mechanical mechanism to keep the two parts together. Using eco-friendly materials, we ensure Arc Pulse is fully recyclable by design.

Arc Pulse will last you as long as your phone.

Global shipping takes a toll on the environment. That's why we compensate 100% of our shipping emissions through dedicated programs. Every Arc Pulse you receive is shipped carbon-neutral.

Reshaping technology interaction.

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