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Arc Pulse

Unique design. High-class quality. Seamless experience.

★★★★★ 42 reviews


Emphasising, Embracing and Demonstrating Design.

From the designer: “Covering up the iPhone engineering excellence with plastic feels wrong. Arc Pulse was designed to emphasise design, precious metals, and precision machining.”


Highlighted Design - Embracing Feel

Precious metals, precise engineering,
and a unique design.


Precious Metals & Precision Machining

A shiny finish completes the titanium model with an eye-catching touch. Arc Pulse Aluminum is accentuated by a matte charcoal black finish.

Fusion of aerospace-grade metals and mathematical design.


Inner peace.

Giving your iPhone a smooth feel in hand and safety to the mind.


Ultimate Protection, World-Class Quality

Unrivalled heat dissipation.
Light as a feather.
Zero 5G interference.

How Does It Work?

Unique pressure fit.

An elastomer between your iPhone and Arc Pulse, to keep them tightly connected at all times.

Isn’t 100$+ expensive for a phone case?

Yes, and no.

300$ for a purse is also a lot, but if it has the right brand, quality, and design, one does buy it.

Arc Pulse is made from the highest Aluminum and Titanium grades while having a special, custom design. The right quality is given, now the question is if the design is worth your money!

Why did we create Arc Pulse?

Ordinary cases feel like plastic, degrade and destroy the iPhone experience. Arc Pulse was redesigned from the ground to highlight the craftsmanship.

Embracing an iPhone's first design with precious metals, precision machining, and a unique slide-on-fit, Arc Pulse combines technological excellence.

Will Arc Pulse protect?

The vulnerable iPhone spots are protected and the case gives high impact absorption. If your phone falls and hits Arc Pulse, it will be protected.


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